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    BaldNerd received kudos from Fenway in Need Info for Decision - Seek What's Right   
    @Fenway I believe what you are describing is that the retailer you purchased it from is listed as the ESET Partner for your license profile, and you want to separate yourself from them.
    Short answer: If you renew through a different partner, the profile gets updated in kind. Renewing through ESET directly does not necessarily make this change, though at least then the "shady" retailer doesn't get your money again.
    To alleviate some of your concerns, while it does appear the retailer may have pushed you to purchase some extras, both MalwareBytes Premium and SuperAntiSpyware play nicely (for the most part) with ESET products. You may experience minor performance degradation, but nothing debilitating. Both of those products are meant to add protection against malware (ie., not "viruses" in the traditional sense).
    That said, as an account manager for one of ESET's Platinum partners, my suggestion to you would be to upgrade your ESET product to one which negates the need of yet more software installed on your machine. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is an excellent antivirus. But these days the enhanced features of ESET Internet Security or even ESET Smart Security Premium are necessary to protect against ransomware and other threats that aren't classified as "viruses" (think: social engineering scams, data theft, and so-on).
    We (myself, or any other ESET vendor) could upgrade your existing license for you, which technically would negate the need to have all that extra software on there.
    Regardless, renewing your existing license through a different partner will ensure your ESET license is associated with the new partner. I could do this. Any other partner could do this.
    I'd be happy to help if you like, though I am careful not to come across as advertising "buy through me" on here. If you want to chat, feel free to DM me and I'll gladly assist, though I am not here to solicit. Option B would be to call ESET and ask them for a few names of local companies that are official partners. Then, you can choose who you'd like to deal with.
    Robbie // The Bald Nerd
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    BaldNerd gave kudos to itman in Change of IP address or hostname on EEI server   
    Don't you have direct contact info to Eset headquarters tech support in Slovakia? 
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    BaldNerd gave kudos to itman in Need Info for Decision - Seek What's Right   
    What I will note is that it is virtually impossible via web search to find an authorized Eset reseller. A search for U.S sellers will point you to Eset U.S. web site in San Diego, CA.
    I have always made it a point to purchase sealed box versions of whatever Eset product I was purchasing from whatever source in the U.S., and never had a licensing issue.
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    BaldNerd received kudos from itman in Switching on/off VPN causes lengthy ESET checks   
    Do you have any network shares mounted to your computer as a drive letter which are accessed through the VPN? If yes, you might consider turning off scanning of Network Drives in the Real-Time Protection settings. This feature is on by default, and in many scenarios can be helpful, but over a VPN it'd be devilishly slow and could account for the strange scanner behavior.
    Robbie // The Bald Nerd
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    BaldNerd received kudos from arsini in Firewall suggestions   
    I don't see that as an unfair request. The addition of a column "Priority" would alleviate the issue. It would be sane from a UX perspective to allow clicking the headings to sort by Name, Enabled, Protocol, Profile, etc. with the addition of a new column, Priority. The headings even highlight when you mouseover, and UX principles tell the user that they should click to sort, but it doesn't... so it just seems broken.
    PS - ESET should change the forum Rank names. As far as I'm concerned, it appears as though @arsini was just trolled by an ESET Trainee 🤣 
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