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many incoming spam to mailadresses that doesn´t exists

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we have Eset Mailsecurity 7.1 and a MS Exchange Server 2013   (Windows 2012 r2)  (30 Person Company)

Email-Receiving:  the DNS MX Entry is pointing directly to the Exchange Server.

Problem:  I see in the Exchangelog that  everyday 1000-5000 Spamails are incoming and well blocked by ESET Mail Security.

I see that this Spams have TO Field to  Emailadresses that doesn´t exist.  

Solution Idea:  Enable a "valid Receiver adress-list in the Watchguard SMTP Proxy

Do you have a Idea about this situation?

Eset Mail Security has the default settings - I don´t if there is a Email-Reply to every single spam, I think not.

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