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EMSC Accidently deleting Certification Authorities

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Hi folks,

I've accidently deleted one of my certification authorities. I guess after a migration I had two of them and one with a name from an old server. The other certificate has 29 signed active peer certificates and the other one 0, so i thought I would not need this one furthermore. Thats the reason why I have deleted it.

Now four servers indicate that the peer certificate is invalid and I am not able to add new clients. (Error occured while receiving certification authority.)

I've added a new certificate and a policy to push the new certificate to all clients but it won't work.

Can someone help me?
I'm a bit overwhelmed with this large number of guides.

Thank you!

With kind regards


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  • ESET Staff

Most probable reason why you are not able to create installers or deploy AGENT is that for this to work, CA certificate that was used to sign currently used ESMC Server certificate is required -> and I guess that is the one you removed.

I would start by checking your ESMC Server configuration accessible via main menu and check what certificate is actually used. In case just this is the problem, creating new SERVER certificate, setting it in configuration might do the trick, but it will work only in case that AGENTS already have CA certificate that will be used to create new SERVER certificate, otherwise they will stop connecting - that is why before changing configuration, it is crucial to backup original SERVER certificate.

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