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NOD32 6 privacy

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Hi, I known nod32 has one of best detection and stability out there, im currently using mse but i would like to known what are eset stances on their customers privacy, where can i read about what information you store with users running eset nod32 av and how your cloud service works and what it does with the data collected.


thank you.

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A few documents to review:


Those should cover all of the privacy-related questions about ESET's software.  The ESET Online Scanner's terms of use are going to be similar to—if not an exact copy of—the Software EULA for the other programs.  Keep in mind that ESET's headquarters are located in the Slovak Republic, so privacy standards are going to be more aligned along EU policy, than, say, the US or Brazil.  That said, ESET does comply with all legal requests in countries it does business, so if served a subpoena, warrant, writ or whatever the term is for that type of legal document in the jurisdiction in question, they will respond in the same fashion as any other software company.




Aryeh Goretsky

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