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NOD32 7.0.302.0 wouldn't upgrade


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I'm only posting this for prosperity because I already fixed the issue but I want users and ESET aware of this.


Version: 7.0.302.0

Windows 8.1


I had an installation that wouldn't upgrade because it always said it couldn't stop the ESET service saying I didn't have permission (my account is the original administrator on this box) and would even suggest a reboot.  That wouldn't work either.  I couldn't manually stop the service either.


The only way I could fix this was to boot into safe mode to the command prompt, manually delete the entire ESET directory tree one folder at a time (how I miss "deltree") then boot back into normal mode.  Since the service is no longer running, I could finally reinstall 7.0.302.26 as a new installation from scratch and everything was fine.

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You can always try uninstalling ESET NOD32 Antivirus via the Programs and Feature (filename: APPWIZ.CPL) applet in the Control Panel or, failing that, using the ESET Uninstall Tool available for download from ESET's knowledgebase.

Under Windows NT-derived operating systems, "rmdir /s /q" performs equivalent functionality to the MS-DOS "DELTREE" command.


Aryeh Goretsky

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