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Untrusted Certificate Popup on several machines


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Over the last 24 hours we've had several users complain of having a frequent popup from Eset Internet Security regarding an Untrusted Certificate.  All the alerts have been getting are from the same domain.


Has anyone else seen this?



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1 hour ago, kcarvill said:

I'm trying to figure out who they are

Per Robtex:


The IP number is The IP number is in Germany. It is hosted by Webtrekk GmbH.

Service-Network of webtrekk GmbH In case of abuse please contact: abuse@webtrekk.com

Per Wikipedia:


Webtrekk GmbH is a customer intelligence platform that allows companies to connect, analyze and activate user and marketing data across all devices. Webtrekk's flagship product, the Webtrekk Suite, contains analytics, data management and personalization solutions.


Appears your web traffic is being tracked.

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