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Web Control Blocks OCSP


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We've been experimenting with web control lately and we noticed that it blocks certificate validity checks and marks them as file repositories. Is this normal behavior? Are these sites safe to whitelist in Web Control? I've posted a couple of log entries below.


9/10/18, 8:51:40 AM    mfichera    THESHEPHERD\Domain Users   hxxp://g.symcd.com/MEkwR6ADAgEAMEAwPjA8MAkGBSsOAwIaBQAEFLG0OReQFreXeVAR8WC51KI82+3uBBQA+SrDQZG2ycK4PlXywJcRE6AHIAIDAjp0      File Repositories    Blocked by policy

9/10/18, 8:50:33 AM    mfichera    THESHEPHERD\Domain Users   hxxp://ocsp.digicert.com/MFYwVKADAgEAME0wSzBJMAkGBSsOAwIaBQAEFN+qEuMosQlBk+KfQoLOR0BClVijBBSxPsNpA/i/RwHUmCYaCALvY2QrwwIQDHmpRLCMEZUgkmFf4msdgw==      File Repositories    Blocked by policy

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