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eScan folder 45GB in size

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I run win 7 U x64 on to small ssd's one is used as a back up option the other is what i use on a daily basis and it's only 256GB in size i ran TREESIZE the other day and was shocked at it's size, How come some of the files are so big?

When i set it up i know i asked it to log the logs in diagnostic level, but for the life of me i can't find that option in the version i'm running now, is my diagnostic level the problem, if so how do i find the settings to alter it, and what level should it be at and how do i delete the massive files i already have on the system without causing issues with ESETSS?




Oh by the way due for renewal in next couple of months so if you have any 50% discount codes hanging around just PM me the info :D


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Most likely you have enabled logging of all scanned files:


Please disable it and delete the big dat files in safe mode.

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