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Non-functional modules

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Windows 10 eset Internet Security Product version 10.3.399.2 (current as of submission date)

Firewall, anti-phishing, web and mail protocol filtering, web access protection, ids and botnet protection are all showing as non-functional




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To start off, drop me a message with ELC logs attached. If too big to attach, upload the generated archive to a safe location (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) and provide me with a download link.

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I've experienced the identical problem (although the list of disabled components was slightly different because of the configuration I use).

The problem appears to be caused by an update published today which should have, but didn't prompt for a re-boot. Note that this update was not flagged as a software update, it was one of the regular definition updates (version 17097 to 17083) or some component update delivered with these.

The problem disappears if the computer is re-started.

The really crazy part is that, depending on where I looked, the ESET software gave conflicting opinions as to whether there was a problem. For example:

  • Inserting a CD/DVD brings up the usual scan-on-demand window which showed the problem.
  • The configuration screens in Set-up showed no problems.



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