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Clean Install of NOD32 over Smart Security

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Can I install NOD32 over Smart Security?. I mean a COMPLETELY INDEPENDANT install that will not find issues with

a previous version?. A clean slate as it were. 

I have a 2 device account with Smart Security latest version. The desktop version unistalled and installed and works fine. The laptop version

uninstall asked for a password. The ESET "key" process that is downloaded for this fix got jumbled up somehow. I ended up with a working version

of ESET but with 3 red urgent notices, one of which said the "firewall is not working".  Since nothing is working on the laptop, I ran MS Uninstall in safe mode to bypass the password and that worked(as administrator). I then removed the ESET directories.

I ran the installer after this and it came up with "you already have the latest version of Smart Security". I suspect there is still a residual flag, maybe an .INF

file somewhere in the system that the installation sees. (I don't critsize this, this is a smart way of doing it.)

I can't play with fix procedures anymore as working with this snail pace laptop is torture, but I still love ESET. So for the last option, I thought I could purchase a CD version of NOD32 and install over what is there. I figure NOD32 should offer adequate protection for e-mails and casual browsing that my wife uses it for. Hope they still make this in CD format.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

Suggestion to ESET:  If an SSL is trustworthy, use the purchase licence key in all your password interrogations such as uninstall. People move away and programs can be running for years. Always revert to the original purchase. 


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We no longer offer ESET Smart Security. It was replaced by ESET Internet Security which you should be able to install over ESET NOD32 Antivirus. At any time you can downgrade or upgrade the product under Help and support -> Change product. We recommend using ESET Internet Security which also comes with a firewall and Network protection besides features like Antispam and Anti-Theft. Network protection also protects you from network attacks that may come from the Internet or unpatched computers in a local network.

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