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My father's computer, which is protected with eset has begun to warn that the firewall is blocking traffic to and from ps.eyeota.net when he browses the web. A quick Google search shows that it is malware that hijacks browsers and displays ads. I can not find a way to remove it. I have checked browser extensions and see nothing that looks suspicious. I ran a scan with ESET anti-virus and it comes up clean. I have also tried making a bootable USB from the ESET website to remove the malware but can not get the system to boot from it. I do a shift-restart and do not see an option to boot from a different device.  My father, who is older and not tremendously computer savvy called support and was told not to worry too much about it.

The sites that talk about it all recommend a product I've never heard of for removal and have dire warnings about all of the things that the malware can do. In any case it makes little sense to have malware sitting on his system. Can Eset detect and remove this? If not what would you suggest that I do?

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