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How to obtain password for Multi Device Security

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Well, this is a big bummer. So my Internet Security license was about to expire, and instead of renewing my license, I bought a complete new one, which was a hell of a lot cheaper. In this case, a Multi-Device Security license for 3 devices. Received a nice email with a license code, WHICH I CAN NOT USE TO ACTIVATE NOD32 For Linux, FCOL!, This product requires a user name and a password, but since I have a completely new license, it also has a new user name and password. No mention is made in the email I received for this new license of user name or password, only a license key and public key. Searching the internet and various Eset websites only keeps me running around in circles.

By now I have found the corresponding EAV user name for this new license, but there seems to be no way of getting the password for that user name. Using the web pages to request this info only sends me a copy of the license email I already received. THIS IS REALLY ME OFF! No way to contact the ESET helpdesk, since it is weekend and X-mas as well.

Anyone knows a way of recovering that password for the EAV user name, perhaps some hidden web page that doesn't turn up in searches?

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