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EIS v.11 tray icon context menu

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Just installed from scratch E.I.S. v. on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
Localization is "Italian" and all is working well except an item in the
tray icon context menu (right click on the icon).
The update item is showing "Searching for updates..." (Ricerca aggiornamenti in corso...) even
after a successful update. There is no "bouncing dot" in Main UI and the tray icon
isn't spinning. No problems in the Internet connection.
Update is set at once-per-day at 08:15 and it regularly updates.
Is it just a cosmetic bug due to a wrong translation or what?

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12 minutes ago, Marcos said:

What happens if you click "Check for updates" in the Update pane?

It regularly searches for updates (bouncing dot) and downloads and installs update, if present.

Tray icon context menu remains "Searching for updates...."

Updating-wise all seems ok, is just the item in the context menu that stuck "Updating..."


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