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Dear Forum Users/ESET employees,


I was setting up AD FS on my domain controller and it installed fine. But then when I log on to Office 365 nothing happens. I just log in without the secure authentication. I have a user with phone number and the mobile application. Did I miss any steps? Is there something wrong with the AD FS?


Kind regards,




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  • ESET Staff

Configuring AD FS for Office 365 has nothing to do with ESET Secure Authentication directly. ESA is just a plugin on the top of that, utilizing already configured environment. That´s why we do not cover such topics in related product documentation. 

How to properly configure ADFS to work with Office 365 can be found on Microsoft support pages: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/rmilne/2017/04/28/how-to-install-ad-fs-2016-for-office-365/







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