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Virtual Windows guest security under Linux host(s)

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Hi everyone.


I'm the happy owner of an Eset Smart Security license and I've recently updated the app to the latest version 7 that is working fine on my Windows 7 system.


But I'm doing some important changes today and I would like some advices to do the right choice for my operating systems security.


At first I've virtualized my Windows 7 system with the VMware P2V solution. Now this Windows OS runs on VMware Player that is itself running under Linux.


My linux systems have no security tools other than the usual AppArmor and SElinux, the firewall already integrated in the distros, and Keepass or KWallet according to the desktop environment I'm using. I also mainly use programs as normal user in linux and I rarely meet the need to start something as root. I honestly think that my linux systems are not at risk.


But my virtual WIndows 7 does.

My Windows VM still has Eset Smart Security installed as I've not changed anything in this system since its P2V virtualization. My old physical Windows system has been formatted and reinstalled with another linux distro, so I guess there won't be any license conflict.


My questions are:


1) would there be a license conflict if I copy the Windows VM containing Eset Smart Security to another computer and both VM copies are running at the same time? in the case this copies are considered by your licensing services as two different systems, do I have to pay a license for each copy?


2) what is the best thing to do for safety and system performance? keeping Eset Smart Security on guest Windows VMs or removing it and using only ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 on linux hosts instead?


3) I have more than 10 linux systems on the same machine, just for fun and testing. And I'ld like to be able to start the same Windows VM from all this systems. If you answer me to question 2 that it's better to protect the linux hosts rather than the Windows guest, would I have to pay one NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux Destop's license per system installed on my machine? Or is there any alternative license type solution?


Due to my lack of english and the complexity of this situation, I would understand if you'ld need more details on some points, so please just don't hesitate to ask me   ;)

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As I can see, my question is not inspiring anyone among Eset staff. Please, a little bit of help would be very appreciated.

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Hello i'm Mehdi from French support care,

1) You will have to pay a licence for each system who run at the same time, but if it's just a replication or something it's not neccesary.

2)You should protect your windows VM in priority, but you can also protect your linux host, it's up to you.

3) If you protect your linux host, all your windows vm will not be protected correctly because the product for linux is not build for this.
so if you protect your host, you should know that eset don't support indepth analyse of vmdk files(can't read guest OS disk).


If you have more questions, you can contact us by this form (in french) :

or by email : support@eset-nod32.fr



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Great, it makes things really more clear to me.


According to your advice, I'll keep an Eset Smart Security for Windows on my VM as I like the per-application firewall rules manager. I know the use of clamav CLI or GUI and the management of a firewall or iptable on Linux OSes so I think that an additional Linux security layer is not necessary, but I'll contact you directly if I need more informations.


Thanks a lot.

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