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Minor issues with File Security for Linux

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We're using ESET File Security for Linux with ERA 6.5. 
Installation of Agent and FS went without issues, but I have some smaller questions about the security product.

1. We're receiving e-mails for license expiration, but not when threat is found. Task for threat notifications is enabled (through ERA, same as the license expiry task, which is on by default). I've read in manual PDF and man files that mail_notification_script should be executed when this task is enabled, and I've added  av_mail_notified_users in /opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg file (default file where I've defined connection to my ERA server), but there is no mail. I am testing scanning with eicar virus, so every on demand scan finds the file, but is not sending me the e-mail. And license e-mails come in every day, since our license expires end of July at the moment

2. Why is ERA not showing Eicar viruses when I find them with scan? I don't get anything in threat part, even though I get it for Windows machines. On the other side, ERA shows license as a warning (marked the servers with yellow), and shows updates, installed products, OS and everything else

3. I've left the log details on default (daemon), and there are logs on the server in /var/log/esets, but they're with .dat extension and not readable. How can I get "regular" logs, that I can read in that folder same as for any other Linux service? For example, ERA logs are in /var/www/eset and I can get the installer as well as trace.log without issues. We're not using web interface, so I need to have logs on the server in readable format

4. Where does ERA writes its configuration on FS on installed servers? I have an ERA policy for FS for Linux, but when I open /opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg I don't have any of those fields uncommented. Everything is commented, as by default, instead of my connection details for ERA, which I am configuring with puppet on the start. I am doing something wrong, or ERA settings here cannot be seen?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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10 days have passed, without an answer from the ESET staff. I've also raised a case with Business support, no help from there. This is really really disappointing. Apart from the bugs with ERA console, this is the second product we have issues with

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Rookie,

the forum is a community platform where a response is not guaranteed and probably not many forum users are using the ESET products to secure the linux servers.

So contacting your local support was a right step to resolve the issue.

Have you received a response from them? If not, when have you submitted your case?

Regards, P.R.

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