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ESET crashes Outlook 2016

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If any of the following are enabled, Outlook 2016 crashes when sending an email:

  • Email client protection: Sent email
  • Email client protection: Read email
  • Antispam protection: Enabled

Are there any updates or work arounds?



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First of all, please makes sure that you are using the very latest version of Endpoint. If that doesn't make any difference, try disabling all Outlook plug-ins but ESET. If that doesn't help either, try disabling "Sent email" option.

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As I walk to my clients that use Outlook 2016 i often see ESET in disabled COM add-ins.
This plugin crashes a lot. We use EES v5 on Windows 7 x64. We are hoping true x64 release announced for v7 will fix these problems.


And here is mine Email filter/client settings in ERA:


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