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eset SysRescue in Nod32 Antivirus 7


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I rceived an upgrade messege taking ver 6 to ver 7. Created new rescu disk, but found that it was still showing rescu disk as ver 6 not 7. The upgrade had left a windows installer in the temporary folder, so I moved it to folder that "create rescu disk" would recognize. This file was "NUP667.msi, unfortunately this is the wrong file for my system, even though my operating system is 64 bit, it needs the 32 bit version (eav_NT32_enu.msi)  which I found and "saved" after the upgrade to nod 32 antivirus 7.

Changed settings in Create Rescue Disk so it would find new version of eav_NT32_enu.msi, instead of previous version.

Create rescue disk now says it is using version 7. However, when I tested the disk, instead of identifying me as the user, it says..USER:NT Authority\System.

Other then that, it appears to work. There must be an easier way to do this, anybody else?

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