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ESET MDM enrollment link not loading on device

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I have set ERA on Windows 2012 R2 Server which has been successful.  Now am trying to enroll my mobile devices via email/QR code but when i click on the link on my device nothing loads. https://myipaddress:9980/e7y2ptmtf

I can telnet the IP on port 9980 and no alerts on my ERA.   What could be the problem. 

FYI:  Am running hosting the server on AWS(If at all that information is useful)

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HI Guru,

provide more informations :)

- Mobile OS + Version

- witch browser you try

- Some Business Software using like Android for work, Blackberry, ...?


You try activation over mobile or over WLAN -> if WLAN this could be the problem, deactivate it and enroll new.

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