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Database writing to pagefiles

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We have a Server 2012 server running RA 6.5 with 8gb of ram, plenty of disk space and a one GB link. I noticed this in the event logs and I could not find any resolution online. 

The link in the event log is dead. The ESET database runs on SQL Server 2014 which is consuming 2.5 GB of the total memory with 1.5 GB free. 


svchost (908) A significant portion of the database buffer cache has been written out to the system paging file.  This may result in severe performance degradation. 
See help link for complete details of possible causes. Resident cache has fallen by 4419 buffers (or 99%) in the last 31 seconds. 

The pagefile is set for the system to automatically configure with priority set for background services. 


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4 GB RAM for a Windows 2012 Server system sounds too little. How many computers are supposed to connect to ERAS?

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