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Eset Smart Security & VPN

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Sorry of this has been asked before; but this is a whole new area for me. Trying to run some VPN software on my Windows10 system and I have a choice of starting the VPN software when I boot-up and connecting to a server automatically. If I do that then ESET seem to have an issue with the network protection part. The network protection part is all red. Basically the section below (though in this case it's fine)

If I connect to the VPN server after booting then VPN is working fine and the network section is not red. My guess it that it's still registering the default network connection and not the VPN. Where on startup the VPN connection through the network the software added and ESET runs after that. 

How do I go about getting it not to turn off network protection under VPN. Or is this not possible? In both cases I don't have any issues with connecting online, etc; but with the VPN connection there no firewall protection.



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