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Sophos Intercept X and ESET Endpoint

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One of my customer using AVG and infected Ransomware, I want to propose ESET Endpoint to them, but their IT prefer Sophos with Intercept X,

because Intercept X has Ransomware protection. May I know who used it before? I am still want to push ESET Endpoint to them



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ESET leverages HIPS in conjunction with Advanced memory scanner and smart DNA detections based on application's behavior to recognize and block new malware, including ransomware. The system has evolved to Ransomware protection which was first included in home v10 and is being further developed for the inclusion in Endpoint products as well. See https://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/ for more information about our technology.

To be honest, I can hardly remember cases with encryption reported by users with a current version of Endpoint v6 who had all protection features enabled. It's mainly users with older versions of ESET products and those who don't have it configured for maximum protection (e.g. have LiveGrid disabled) who get hit. Another category are servers with unsecured RDP which enables attackers to remote it, disable the antivirus and execute ransomware. Protecting the settings with a password would make it more difficult for the attackers to evade detection.

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