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NOD32 V9 Update Issue


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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help out with this. At 10pm last night (GMT) my NOD32 (V9) updated, since then my computer has been unusable.

It logs in, ESET loads, it then proceeds to munch through my memory until it is at 100% utilisation in approximately 1 minute with ~33% CPU usage while the GUI says that the program is doing nothing.

I am posting this from my works laptop as I am literally unable to do anything on my home computer now. No other programs will load, my computer gives a 'memory low' error, then my graphics drivers crash due to the memory utilisation, then I get another windows error saying that 'your computer does not have enough memory to function correctly, save your work and windows will close down', then the computer grinds to a halt in varying fun and exciting ways (explorer crashing, windows rebooting itself, or everything just grinding to a halt with no response).

Any help/advice is appreciated. Apologies for the lack of software versions/screen dumps/log files. This happened late last night and, as mentioned, my computer is essentially an expensive paperweight at the moment. If I can't find a fix fairly quickly it's probably going to be an uninstall and switch product job as this is a pretty horrific issue in all honesty.

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