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ESS V9 (/ESS V10 probably too) - HIPS bug: operations action type gets "ALL operations" automatically

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1. switch HIPS to interactive mode, force a HIPS popup, for example by copying a file to 'C:\Windows\System32\', the HIPS popup appears with correct xyOps action type, for example 'delete file, write to file' or 'modify registry', ALLOW (or DENY) this action, but store it as a rule. Edit this freshly stored HIPS rule, where you will see "all xyOps operations" pre-selected (see the screenshot) - that's the bug, a new one.

(The 'target' is - this time (HIPS V1267-20170216 - see my previous bug report, https://forum.eset.com/topic/7475-ess-v9x-a-2nd-hips-interactive-bug-check-all-your-new-relevant-hips-rules-if-you-trusted-v9-blindly/#comment-40274!...) - OK, ie. the target user selection is honored correctly. BUT there was an "in between" HIPS V12xx, ie. between 20170201 and 20170216, where the user selected target wasn't honored, ie. the dreaded ALL targets HIPS bug reappeared once again - see my already mentioned previous bug report... Apparently this bug has been (re-)fixed already.)




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