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Blocked Webpage Message


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I am testing out how URL Groups & Category Groups that I have BLOCK/WARNING rules set up for show my custom message. This is what is happening.

An explicitly blocked website, within the URL Group Rule, gets the "Access Denied" ESET banner stating: The web page is on the list of blocked websites specified by the user. We also see the small ESET pop-up box on the bottom right stating the site is on my LIST, the URL & IP address. 

Those within the Category group get the generic browser "This page can't be displayed" and no pop-up from ESET. 

I was tipped off this could be relating to redirects for the sites as a few i am testing are social media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Logically i would expect that if these are all BLOCKED sites, they should be prompting the ESET message i created. 

Also, my logs are not showing me any notifications for explicitly blocked sites - only the categorical ones. Is that normal? 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 


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Marcos - that is valuable to know, thank you. So the blocked message will only be applied on HTTP sites?

It still begs the question, why is HTTP ://www.craigslist.org not getting the message I have in place as an HTTP address as it is sitting in my URL Group with a Block rule applied to it? 

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To put it right, you should get a pop-up alert even on https sites as shown below. It's just that the browser will throw an "SSL_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED_ALERT" error.

I've tested it with ESS v10 but it should be similar with Web Control in Endpoint v6.


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Yes, that makes sense to me and that is what i was expecting as well. However, it seems the ESET dialogue in the browser and the pop-up are just not applying correctly. 

hxxp://craigslist.org Screenshot 1. Not showing my custom message. 

Facebook, screenshot 2.  Not showing an ESET message by category block or the pop-up. 



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