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Least internet impact settings?


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What are the settings for least impact on the internet?

don't mind much for browser stuff when I play League of Legends(garena), it spiked to 800 ping, average 650 and it goes up and down there. 

also, is there a way to know what things/apps/registries/everything that are using the internet? and w/c takes the most load?

also when I run League of legends.exe(or leagueoflegends.exe) it closes and no signs of why it closed and I successfully played 2 games with ESET nod32 AV w/ full protection on before, I dont know why it closes now, how to set trusted apps/programs anyway, the exclusion option here is I think for scanning only to not include it on scanning?

tl;dr: what are the settings for the least impact on the internet?
is there a tracker for things that uses internet?
the game League of Legends closes, like being closed by task manager, is there like a trusted apps or dont track this game option?

Edit: or does HIPS have something to do with it?

Edit: I think I know what the problem is.
why is the pic viewable only in the editor? hxxp://i.imgur.com/K9ECSZW.png


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When you say "least impact on internet" then you mean your internet connection speed, and not while using your browser as i read it.


In that case, it's hard to say, as it shouldn't really have an impact on your internet connection speed like that.


If I remember correctly, I think two other members on here also had issues with League Of Legends while using ESET. Though I don't know in what thread they posted about it, or if they found a solution.


Yes it is possible to exclude the game from real-time scanning if you like to see if it makes a difference. But creating a log from the moment the game suddenly quits may be something ESET will suggest, we'll see.


So wait for an official reply from ESET to see what they think you should do.

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As u can see in my picture HIPS is blocking lol.exe, its a game league of legends, it always run for the past 3 years, do you know how to like make it trust it?

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Hit F5 for advanced setup on the main GUI.

Select Computer tree > Hips > Configure Rules button

Click New > Configure the allow for application there.


For Real time watching

Select Computer > Antivirus and antispyware > Exclusions.

Add your exe there.

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I wonder why LOL attempts to terminate/suspend ekrn.exe which the most crucial process responsible for protecting your computer. You can try disabling self-defense and restarting your computer for a test to see if it makes a difference. However, don't leave SD disabled and logging of blocked operations enabled.

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It would be nice to know if the makers of LOL could explain just exactly why this issue is occurring because i assure you Miiniiw, ESET did not specifically target LOL.exe but according to your logs and Marcos' response; The Self-Defense modules of ESET are what is being flagged.

The game is trying to suspend, alter, halt, attack, or initiate an action to disable AV on your system.

It could be a form of hook. It could even be mild. Yet its still being flagged because of the secretive nature of the programming ;)

Its easy to program an open file with : Shell("C:\cmd.bat")

Or you can do it so the user cannot tell its happening : Shell("C:\cmd.bat", AppWinStyle.Hide)

I would recommend raising the issue on their forums as well to see what kind of dialogue you get going. :)

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