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Best Way to Ensure Compatibility with EEK 12?

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Work policy says I must have a second opinion malware scanner so I chose Emsisoft Emergency Kit 12. If anyone has experience with it, what can you recommend is the best method of ensuring compatibility with ESET Internet Security/Smart Security 10?

Would you exclude the entire EEK folder which includes the exe's and the dll's or is excluding just the exe's fine?

And in which places would you exclude from? Just the Antivirus settings or should it also be done under Protocol Filtering?

Similarly which ESET processes should be excluded from EEK? Just egui.exe or are there others?


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I've had and used EEK on my PC for years and I also use ESS (now V10). AS EEK is an occasional on-demand scanner I have not built in any exceptions on either program and have not had any issues. Of course I never run simultaneous scans (that would be asking for trouble in my opinion).  


EDIT 1/31/17 1:10AM

Another good 2nd opinion scanner is HitmanPro. But that you have to buy ($24.95/year). Again being an on demand scanner, I have no exceptions there either (you can set up a scheduled scan with it).

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