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Not sure what happened this morning but was getting fed up with I/E adds so put Adblockplus on it to try it out. and thought lets try Eset again just in case.

Sure enough Esset is working fine and so are the browsers.

So not sure if it was the addblocker or whether an update from Eset. But so far so good.

Will see what tomorrow brings.

That of course is with SSL enabled. Lets hope it stays that way.


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Ok just to try and eliminate AdblockPlus as as the cure I disabled it this morning. Rebooted and shut down and restarted and both my Browsers still working ok without it.

So what the cure was I do not know. But I did notice that Firefox has started opening in a new tab which I never noticed before.

Had a look at tabs and none of then were ticked.

Apart from that I do not have a clue why everything is now working ok after 4 resets and 2 months of trying to get it to work properly.

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Still working as it should so will finally say that problem has been solved.  So many thanks to itman and Marcos for taking so much time to give me the help that was needed.

Still not 100% sure what finally fixed it but after 2 months just so happy that it is all working ok now. And thanks to the others that also tried to help.

Thank you everyone.

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