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  1. Still working as it should so will finally say that problem has been solved. So many thanks to itman and Marcos for taking so much time to give me the help that was needed. Still not 100% sure what finally fixed it but after 2 months just so happy that it is all working ok now. And thanks to the others that also tried to help. Thank you everyone.
  2. Ok just to try and eliminate AdblockPlus as as the cure I disabled it this morning. Rebooted and shut down and restarted and both my Browsers still working ok without it. So what the cure was I do not know. But I did notice that Firefox has started opening in a new tab which I never noticed before. Had a look at tabs and none of then were ticked. Apart from that I do not have a clue why everything is now working ok after 4 resets and 2 months of trying to get it to work properly.
  3. Not sure what happened this morning but was getting fed up with I/E adds so put Adblockplus on it to try it out. and thought lets try Eset again just in case. Sure enough Esset is working fine and so are the browsers. So not sure if it was the addblocker or whether an update from Eset. But so far so good. Will see what tomorrow brings. That of course is with SSL enabled. Lets hope it stays that way.
  4. It seems they cant trace whoever it was who checked my computer out on Friday so need to go through the phone to them for them to start again. This not a complaint just a difference between two security company. Eset needs you to phone them and stay on the phone for however long it takes to try and find the problem with eset. I contacted Emsisoft about a week or fortnight ago.from my computer and arranged a time when I was available.for them to have a look see what the problem was with Emsisoft. Sure enough right on time I was contacted by Emsisoft support and the took over the runni
  5. Eset account Verified as ok. So waiting to see if they give me any answers to anything that may have been found when they took over my laptop on Friday. So now I can officially get support from Eset UK. I suppose my problem is If I deleted Eset everything work as it should. But is it an eset problem or something on my laptop that stops Eset from working properly.
  6. Waiting for Eset to contact me first. it is a legitimate copy of Eset I am led to believe but not from the UK. Well they were supposed to ring me back but never did. maybe taking longer than they anticipated.
  7. Ran into a little problem today which may interest users who do not buy Eset from their home countries. Had one of their workers take control of my computer this afternoon as I have been having problems for the last 6 weeks with Eset. After about 20 minutes I was told that they cannot continue with repairing my computer as Eset was purchased in another country. To try and get round that they are trying to transfer my account back to the uk so that they can carry on with the repair. They were extremely helpful but will have to wait till tomorrow probably to see if they can get it
  8. Ok itman I had tried Emsisoft. and Malwarebytes etc on it and they were all fine. So tried Eset on another SSL Checker and it was ok on that one.
  9. Just tried it with www.eset.com/uk and with /en and still the same problem.
  10. Also found this using Geocerts SSL Checker by adding www.eset.com into the box and pressing check SSL Certificate Chain Complete? A valid Root CA Certificate could not be located, the certificate will likely display browser warnings. Is this a problem or nothing to worry about. Certainly having browser problems.
  11. Ok found this. Do not filter websites with EV Certificates. So will tick that and hope for the best.
  12. Never used Adguard before but tried it in Firefox which did not help so just downloaded the beta version on top of it knowing that it should automatically remove anything that was not needed in the new version. SSL is ticked on it and I will keep it that way as long as I can use I/E or edge.. Not sure if you can set it to internally disables its SSL scanning when it detects an AV product So far it has taken me almost 2 months to get to this stage where I can use my Browsers properly so will stick to what i have while it is working for me. Sods law will probably kick in shortl
  13. Ok found a way to get Firefox working. When you have SSL turned off make sure you have a web page open and enable SSL again it usually comes up with an error try again and same error this tine you click on the X to delete the message and Firefox then works ok. Unfortunately Internet explorer and edge still do not work. So read the comments about adguard so installed it in Firefox and it made no difference so did what the others did and downloaded the Beta version of Adguard and Internet Explorer and Edge now work also. Not got a clue as to why Adguard makes them work but it does seem
  14. Update for Eset Smart Security and Internet Security today but still cannot get SSL to work properly when enabled.
  15. Think I will give that a miss Marcos Looks a bit complicated for me. I know how to export Certificate to Firefox if needed but the rest seems a bit complicated for me as a I am getting past my sell by date. So I will assume the root certificate is Ok.
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