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If any others have had problem with Firefox/Thunderbird...

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I've just installed ESET Internet Security 10 and then installed Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, and had issues with internet pages and couldn't even install add-ons in Firefox, and email couldn't be sent/received.

I had Smart Security which had expired Nov 2016 so I remember I had the same problem a long time ago.

What solved it for me was I had to go into ESET 'Advanced Setup', then "WEB & EMAIL", then click on the + next to "SSL/TLS", then scroll down to "ROOT CERTIFICATE". Disable (move the tick to the right), then "OK". Now put the tick back to the left, then "OK". After this is done, reboot computer and see if it now works properly.

I had to do this to other user accounts also, and I think I had to temporarily change them from a standard account to administrator account until the changes/reboots were done.


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We don't recommend disabling SSL filtering as it would disable HTTPS and POP3S/IMAPS filtering and scanning. It should be done only as a part of troubleshooting. However, when re-enabling SSL scanning, it's important that no browser and email client processes (Thunderbird, Windows Mail) be running.

If SSL filtering appears to be the culprit, try the following:
- Disable SSL filtering.
- Restart the computer.
- Without launching any browser or email client, re-enable SSL filtering (a new root certificate will be generated and imported do trusted root certification authority certificate stores).
- Try to reproduce the problem.

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