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Some good news for W10 Prerelease 14986

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First, I apologise in advance to all those who take offence at Microsoft beta product problems being mentioned in this forum.


Second, this is for those who have been suffering and would like to know what to expect with the latest prerelease which is getting ready for the new Microsoft update system.


After my other posts concerning the unexpected problems with the preview builds, I had uninstalled ESS and activated Windows Defender.


After installing the W10 prerelease build, I checked to make sure there were no surprises and apart from the fact that even Windows Defender is having intermittent problems with the Windows Filter Manager, I decided to reinistall ESS 10:0.369.0


Apart from one glitch, which I shall come to, it seems that installing ESS onto the latest build works better than having W10 update itself over ESS. When the big update happens that will either prove or disprove my theory.


One big gotchya is that it appears Microsoft for the moment have disabled Web Access protection and the Firewall in ESS but left Windows Defender live - which is probably why I don't have a problem at the moment.


So for those who wish to reinstall, Web Access protection is Disabled permanently (by MS), and as a side effect Anti phishing is non functional. Note that under settings\BASIC  the function is shown as enabled .


Windows Defender will show that Real-time protection is active.


This has been tested on two of my devices that receive preview builds. The one device that is at RTM level works as normal.

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