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  1. I think Leann is looking for a permanent solution, not a workaround or pre-release update. It has been a month and it's very easy to understand why some people are getting impatient.
  2. Can this thing we call technology get any more complicated? I really feel for the non-IT types.
  3. Thanks, I tried all that including a factory reset of the Chromecast dongle without success. I give up.
  4. Thanks. Both desktop PCs are network connected via hard wire. I'm not going to spend any more time getting it to work since one PC connects to the Chromecast dongle fine as does my Android phone.
  5. The A/V receiver (AVR) is connected to the TV via an HDMI port and supplies a video signal to the TV just like a cable box or BlueRay player.. The Chromecast dongle is a network device that communicates with a PC(s) or other compatible device, and essentially is just another input source for the AVR, just like a cable box is. The PC does not need to be connected to the AVR in any respect -- the Chromecast dongle is the "receiving device" here and is just passing the signal it gets on to the AVR. In this case, I have one PC which is unable to communicate with the Chromecast dongle, while another one is able. This exact setup has always worked until I replaced a PC...before then it worked on both PCs. Both PCs are on windows 10, same version of Windows, Chrome browser, etc. etc. PC --> Chromecast dongle --> AVR --> TV
  6. What does not make any sense to me is why one PC in the same house, on the same network, can connect to the Chromecast without issue now that I've applied the temp fix. I've been through every network related setting on the problem PC and it all looks OK.
  7. The Chromecast dongle I am not able to connect to with one of my PCs is attached to an Onkyo audio-video receiver. Both PCs that I am trying to connect to that Chromecast are on the same network...one PC is able to connect, the other does not. The 3rd PC I have is in a different physical location, different network, and a different Chromecast dongle...I have no issues with it after applying the temp fix.
  8. No, I've never been able to get Chromecast to work on it (new PC as of Sept 2018). I was hoping that it was an ESET issue now that we've learned more about the issue and resolution.
  9. Thanks, but no success. Since it did not work without ESET installed, I'm thinking it must be an issue outside of ESET.
  10. I tried the various temporary fixes on three different computers....two worked and one did not and it is on the same network as one of the computers where the fix worked. So, to take ESET out of the picture, I uninstalled ESET on the one where it did not work and I am still unable to use Chromecast, so there is something wrong outside of ESET on one of my PCs. I'm not looking for answers to that issue here, however...just wanted to throw it out there.
  11. RIght on. I'm an IT professional who is very persisent at trying to find solutions to issues I experience, and it took me a lot of time and research before I found this thread. I was just about ready to consider my Chromecast devices obsolete but as a somewhat last ditch effort, I Googled "eset chromecast" and then came across this thread. On a a slightly off topic issue, while troublshooting, I tried "pausing" the ESET firewall and I was still not able to see my Chromecast device. I thought doing that would completely bypass ESET?
  12. I am also having this issue. Can someone please summarize what needs to done to get Chromecast to work again? Thanks!
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