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  1. Thank you for the research and your assistance. I went ahead and created a new Known Network in ESET for hsd2.ca.comcast.net with the same settings as the hsd1.ca.comcast.net network already present in ESET.
  2. @MarcosWere you ever able to determine if the same network was detected? Thanks.
  3. I have never seen APIPA DNS servers assigned but they could be used without my realizing it, I suppose. One thing I have noticed is that DNS suffix in 'Network Identification' is sometimes hsd2.ca.comcast.net when a net network is found. Is there any harm in disabling the DNS suffix option in 'Network Identification' or could I possibly use a wild card (eg. hsd*.ca.comcast.net) ?
  4. Those are the DNS IPs assigned by the router to my PC. I checked another PC in the house and the values are the same.
  5. The settings in the screenshot below match what I see in ipconfig /all output. As said above, I just recently decided to add the gateway IP address in addition to the previously populated DHCP and DNS server values to see if that helps. Time will tell I guess.
  6. I had a feeling these settings were part of the equation. Yesterday, after the "new network" detection I added in the IP address of my gateway (which is also the same IP as my DHCP server) to see if that would help. So far, I have not been prompted by ESET for a new network but then again, those prompts seem to come at random times, sometime weeks apart.
  7. Those two parameters are, and have always been, enabled whenever I checked.
  8. Yes, I am sharing using standard Windows 10 folder sharing. I have tried deleting all "Known Networks" from ESET and then I get prompted with the message in my OP, to which I click "Yes". At some point later for some reason, I will get prompted again with the same message. Is there a way to force ESET to see my network as Home/Office?
  9. Thank you. Some background -- my network setup is pretty standard...an up-to-date Windows 10 Pro desktop PC in my house with a hard-wired internet connection via an ISP (Xfinity/Comcast) supplied cable modem/router. There are other PCs in the same house, on the same network, that I want to share files with, so whenever a new network was detected, I would always set it as a Trusted Zone (Home or office network). I downloaded and ran the ESET Log Collector. Is there a secure way I can share the ZIP file with you? Or is there anything in the ZIP file that might be considered unsecure?
  10. I get periodic ESET messages saying "New network connection detected" and the message asks if I want to consider it as a trusted connection. What causes this message to appear, and is there a safe way to have ESET always consider it a trusted network based on something such as an IP address, domain, etc.? Thanks!
  11. So for all practical purposes, this error can be ignored and is not noticeably affecting performance?
  12. To add to this thread, I noticed today in my Windows Event Viewer that I am getting code integrity errors. I am on x64 Windows 10 v1903 and ESET Internet Security I have scanned my entire PC for malware with nothing detected. This started on Oct. 3. ESET seems to be running fine. EDIT: I just checked another PC of mine, same specs as above, and it also is showing this in the WIndows Event Viewer. Any suggestions/comments?
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