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  1. What nice news. I also received Internet Protection Module #1376 (build Aug/06) on the regular update channel, so the long awaited #1375 seems to remain unreleased forever. It was a great honor for me to participate in this conversation. Best wishes to all.
  2. These workarounds are easy for most of us here, but please see that there are a lot of customers who simply does not dare to make any modifications in the default settings since they are afraid of causing an untraceable or even irreversible mistake by mistyping or misclicking while they are performing such technical steps they do not understand clearly. Therefore impatience is a natural reaction of them. On the other hand I agree that unproven hurrying would not be a good way as well. Both standpoints are reasonable.
  3. Not so easy as it sounds. Valid only if you watch only free stuff via your Chromecast. If you pay US$ 20-50 per month for online movie channels, then three weeks of black screen due to another paid product's malfunction makes you impatient relatively fast. That is the natural behavior of customers.
  4. Right. But when you disable pre-release updates, you immediately fall back to #1372.2. So at this moment the official fix is still unavailable for the average user. And well, average user is getting impatient according to @Vader's post.
  5. After switching on pre-release updates, an immediate update starts. This takes a relatively long time (several minutes) since Eset has to download and install a lot of new stuff. When finished, you will have #1375 there with the build date of 7/31. Please note that the build date differs from the download date or even the roll out date. As I wrote before: an Eset Employee informed me on 7/26 that they have successfully localized the issue based on my log files, therefore a build date of 7/31 is absolutely reasonable. Of course it took some days to perform internal tests before pre-releasing on this Tuesday. By the way I do not recommend switching on pre-release updates permanently if you are not an experienced customer. For me its now switched off thus I have Internet Protection Module #1372.2 with build date of 07/25 and I am looking forward to the regular release hopefully rolling out within a few days.
  6. It will not. For maximum reliability It is a general software behavior that manual modifications can be reverted only manually.
  7. Internet Protection Module #1375 is rolled out on the pre-release update channel, and it works fine for me with the default Eset settings. There is no more need of whitelisting port 8009. Hopefully it will be rolled out soon on the regular update channel as well.
  8. I wrote a step-by step workaround guide on 27 July . You can find it on Page 4. If it helped you, then upvote it please. This will help other guys to find the easiest workaround who do not want to read the whole thread.
  9. This is discussed here a few days ago. Downloadable version does not contain the most up-to date protection. That's why you were able to cast. After the installation Eset immediately started an update procedure, and when finished, Chromecast is over. That's normal. I wrote a step-by step workaround guide on 27 July . You can find it on Page 4. If it helped you, then upvote it please. This will help other guys to find the easiest workaround who do not want to read the whole thread.
  10. Where does the above quote come from? Well, I would not call it "recent" as it dates back to January. Do you suppose this bearded malware was able to remain invisible for Eset? I do hope you are not right. It would be a nightmare.
  11. Maybe the guy wanted to write: install a better AV app that turns Defender off. In the secondary school I was always confused by greatly honored poets when I was trying to figure out what they thought of behind their pointless sentences. LOL
  12. Let me resolve the "8008, 8009, 8443" story. The original article is here: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/9216542 This whitepaper presents tips to improving Chromcast's protection against malicious hacks coming from outside. It says if you set up forwarding (i.e. you left open) ports 8008, 8009, 8443 in your ROUTER, consider closing them as this exposes your online Chromecast devices to attacks coming from the internet. Someone somewhere sometime derived from this article such an idea that ports 8008 and 8443 also take part in the current conflict between Chromecast and Eset. They do not. We have to focus only on port 8009.
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