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  1. But for that there are two good workarounds. Also almost every paid service has a app which is already installed on TV or can be installed on tablets/phones. I do agree it is an inconvenience but there are ways around it. If there are no workarounds, agree I also had some impatience
  2. Well everybody these days are impatient not only with SW updates, see road rage, socialisation etc. Same happens with my company, unfortunately not everything always goes as fast as some customers want, sometimes releasing new SW just takes time to smoke test it. Also why the impatiens there are multiple work arounds which are relatively safe. Just do any of the 2 good work arounds and be patient till the real roll out.
  3. I just switched to pre-release and it automatically updated and went to the #1375: Just checked the chromecast is still visable after the update and returning the TLS/SSL range to the full range.
  4. Oke makes sense so as soon as the update is roll out we need to make sure to revert the white listing of port 8009
  5. That is good news! After the update do we have to revert the HTTP port selection or will it automatically be done by installing the update?
  6. Can you screenshot the range of ports you exclude? Here it is still working.
  7. Offcourse every exeception will leave you computer vulnerable however this wasn't in the previous version of ESET, which didn't gave any issues, also as you only open one port the risk from my point of view is still low. Have a good back up of your computer stored somewhere and you are good. I am running with the workaround and all is going good
  8. Work around for everybody who doesn't want to read the whole thread! Please also upvote it! (On page 4) All credits go to Lamar!
  9. Turn Windows Defender OFF haha Uhmm sounds like a great advice! A bit like white listing Chrome.exe
  10. Same here! Only white listed port 8009 and chromecast works like a charm ' Did sent Taradise a PM hope she didn't whitelist Chrome.exe
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