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  1. Yes. Now it is working for me. Can you please try it again?
  2. Please check this setting and make sure it's disabled if you want to see desktop notification: Advanced setup -> Update -> Basic -> Disable display notification about successful update
  3. If you close the UI (shift + click X) and start it again, correct date will be displayed. So this is obviously only UI issue, no security impact at all. Updates still work like a charm (you can verify that in event logs + VSDB out-of-date alert would be displayed after a few days without update). And yes, I also vote for fixing the bug in v9.
  4. Does restart of UI (shift + click X) help? What happens when you click Cancel update?
  5. Check here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/6063-eset-file-security-not-reporting-in-to-era-server/
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