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  1. Hi Marcos, Thanks for that, I'd been holding off, glad I stopped by here before taking the plunge.... @ Samoreen, thanks for asking.
  2. Please do, IMO dumbing down security information because it 'distracts' some users is silly. The distracted can always turn it off if they are that bent out of shape. @I regularly receive Emails from ESET, would have thought that users should have been informed about a major change like that. Bud.
  3. Yes, thanks x 2 ARQEROS, that was it ! Thing is, I'm 99.9% sure I've never ever visited, let alone altered that setting
  4. Hi Tom, thanks, I should have looked over there...figured it was a minor glitch, as long updates are working no problemo Hope all's well, Bud
  5. Hi folks, For the past few days at startup I see the ESET task bar button revolving/updating, which it does, but unlike before there's no 'pop up' Desktop Notification after the update completes. No problem with updates just no Notification on completion Looks like all other Notifications are working fine. Haven't changed any settings nor anything major on my PC. Any ideas appreciated, Bud
  6. I never found a key but just searched 'egui.exe' in the registry (which is pretty much a mystery to me) and this came up.. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BillP Studios\Detected\Startup ..which is WinPatrol.
  7. Hey TF happy to say I've bungled into 'solving' it. Marcos got me thinking with this.... Even though that reg key was not there.. Ran msconfig.exe... egui.exe was listed as a Windows Startup program so for the heck of it I unchecked the entry, on restart the only thing appearing was the regular ESET splash screen and the egui.exe process is running fine in the Task Manager. Thanks.
  8. No. I assumed that was what this place was for. I'll try Live Chat tomorrow. Thanks, Bud. .
  9. Is there anywhere else to actually get ESET help? SIX days with no response to what I a would assume a simple UNSOLVED problem is ridiculous. What ever happened to the excellent folks who used to frequent the old ESET Wilders forum!?
  10. Hi Marcos, thanks, egui.exe is not registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run There are no dumps created in C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\Diagnostics, only an empty Modules folder. Bud.
  11. Anyone have an answer for this ? ... hxxp://support.eset.com/Platform/Publishing/images/Authoring/Image%20Files/ESET/KB_ENG/KB3753_Fig4b.png .. Which annoyingly pops up behind the usual splash screen every startup.and has to be manually closed Default behavior?? I used the ESET removal tool and reinstalled again; it still happens.
  12. Yes the options screen I linked ^^ pops up behind the NOD32 Splash screen on computer startup. Reinstalling did not stop this happening. Bud
  13. Hi folks, Happy long time user here. No big deal but with 9.0.381, every time I start my Win 7 PC, as well as the Splash Screen which I like, I get the You Are Protected/Home options screen as well, (same as if I click on the Taskbar icon). hxxp://support.eset.com/Platform/Publishing/images/Authoring/Image%20Files/ESET/KB_ENG/KB3753_Fig4b.png @I have to click on the x to get rid of it Any way to stop this? regards Bud.
  14. Updated via 'check for updares', very smooth uninstall/install operation, 7.0.302 running like a top on XP SP3. I think the only yearly payment I actually enjoy making is to you guys. I'st visit to the new forum, thanks.
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