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    Daamu32 gave kudos to itman in ESET Safe Banking & Browsing don't open automatically ESET Internet Security    
    My suggestion here to allow for manual user entry of their financial web sites. I was surprised to see that option removed. Also, it was my previous understanding that only Eset whitelist web site redirection would be the only function deprecated.
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    Daamu32 gave kudos to constexpr in Let's talk about privacy in ESET Browser Privacy & Security   
    No data is currently stored (apart from the internal state/settings of the extension itself). No logging of browser history, no sending data to the server.
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    Daamu32 gave kudos to peteyt in ESET Security Ultimate   
    I would argue that most people only have one computer. They maybe have a few phones etc. but many people would only want one license.
    It makes sense to offer bulk license purchase but it makes no sense to finally introduce a product many users have requested and then put a minimum license requirement on it.
    As many people have questioned this, aren't Eset technically loosing money by unable to provide this product to single license users.
    As a beta tester for Eset I don't plan to leave but I worry some other users might move to completion that can offer what they want. The funny thing is you have what they want but you've just not made it viable for them
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    Daamu32 gave kudos to Damjan in ESET Security Ultimate   
    I would like to ask you why ESET does not allow the purchase of ESET Security Ultimate license for one device? I myself believe that many home users would upgrade their subscription to ESET Security Ultimate if it was only enabled for one device. I believe that ESET would also gain from this because more subscribers would choose ESET Security Ultimate. I was very happy when you announced VPN in future products, but you forced your subscribers to buy a license for 5 devices (even though we don't need it). I know that you have already explained that the VPN provider is an external partner (and now I don't know if the external partner requires a minimum license for 5 devices) or is such a license policy from ESET.
    I hope you will give some thought to the possibility of purchasing a license of ESET Security Ultimate for 1 device. Otherwise, I'm very happy with ESET, but I think they should also enable it for only one device (it's like going to buy a new computer and asking for example Intel, but you have to buy the mandatory 5 CPUs, even though you only need one CPU).
    Have a nice day.
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