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  1. Changing "overflow:hidden" of div with class "ei-panel css-1oalluw" to off seems to fix it. Tested on Firefox ver 115.4.0esr. EDIT: Edge ver 119.0.2151.93 does not require such fix.
  2. When changing targets in Detections > "Blocked Hashes" section I am unable to scroll the clients list and the scrollbar does not exist, which makes selecting targets further down on the list impossible unless filtered by name. The active targets list underneath is scrollable and works as intended, as seen on the provided screenshot.
  3. Temporarily stopping Bridge services for the update process worked on our on-premise Protect server.
  4. Description: Log which Exclusion was used Detail: Expand the alarm description in Inspect Server logs to include which particular exclusion was used to resolve given detection as it would help to eleminate too broad exclusions that are not identifiable by hit counts alone or decide which exclusions work more reliably.
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