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  1. That's correct but why is the error not clearing in ESET Protect at the next agent poll interval?
  2. Hi, We have purchased EDTD and licenses are applied to our PCs but sometimes prior to the license being applied, we get this error in ESET Protect ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not activated or license is invalid. Once the license gets applied, there is no error in the client itself but the error can still stick around for up to 2 days in ESET Protect. Are there any settings for these notifications to clear quicker as they are mis-leading when the issue is no longer present on a client? Thanks
  3. ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.553.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.413.0)
  4. Ran the component upgrade task on the ESMC server and the agent has upgraded but not the server itself and it's still reporting as 7.0.553.0 even though the task says success. Downloaded the all-in-one installer and ran the installer but says it's already installed. Is this a known issue?
  5. Does that mean wait another 3-4 weeks or an update is due within days?
  6. Is there any further update to this release? It's frustrating not being able to see true stats of up to date agents.
  7. Yes, these are the settings we have set. I don't have any specific examples to give as they just show up as and when a website certificate is untrusted. It was more the fact that to an end-user, pressing 'Allow' prompts for an administrator password which is going to generate extra support calls. If it's by design, then there's not much that can be done!
  8. Hi, Since installing 7.0.2073.1, alerts about expired or untrusted certificates keep popping up asking to either block or allow. I am currently testing this on my own PC but have 2000+ clients which will need the latest update but the way this works at the moment is unmanageable to roll out as we will get endless support calls when users visit websites with certificate issues. Can someone advise what approach to take with this? In all previous releases this wasn't an issue.
  9. Is there any further update on the service release to fix this?
  10. Is there any update to this as we have exactly the same issue? We have pushed the new agent out with SCCM but the clients are still reporting that the old agent is still installed.
  11. Still got 700+ machines showing this error message, running latest client and agent. Where is this up with support, it was January when we had a response.
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