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  1. Hello, The French technical support(medium) contacted me yesterday after noon(south) as agreed. I explained them that I had created a key usb SysRescue but that the interface of Ubuntu did not display. The technician took note there. For all that this one was not able to propose me of solution. Best Regards Sicilia42
  2. Hi The French technical support reminded to me as agreed. He told me that SysRescue was very compatible with Windows 10. He asked me to create SysRescue on a key USB with Live USB Creator. SysRescue USB was created successfully but having selected "Run ESETSysRescue", I have an error message " starting up of the graphical interface failed ". In other words, the interface of Ubuntu does not display. The technical support has to call back me on Monday afternoon., Sicilia42
  3. H​ello, The technical support sent me an email and has to contact again me by telephone. Sicilia42
  4. Hello, On the advice of Eset France on Twitter, I contacted again the French support yesterday evening. I wait their answer. Best Regards, Sicilia42
  5. Hello foneil, Thank you for your answer. I hope that we can benefit from a compatible update with Windows 10. Best Regards. Sicilia42
  6. Hello, However all the users it interests you will find below, the answer of the French technical support. "Hello The procedure of the creation failed continuation(suite) incompatibility of ESET SysRescue with your ubuntu system. You will find below the systems supported(born) by tools ESET SysRescue Windows 8.1, 8, 7 Microsoft, Vista, XP, on 2000 Windows Server Microsoft on 2000, 2003 (x86 and x64), on 2008 (x86 and x64), on 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011 Microsoft We stay in your listening." In other words Windows 10 is not compatible with ESET SysRescue and it is not the only one because another known publisher(editor) is concerned. ​Best Regards, ​Sicilia42
  7. Hello, I created a record(disk) of help ESET SysRescue CD with the procedure indicated above. The cd was successfully created. Nevertheless when I wanted tested his(her,its) functioning, I select "Run Eset SysRescue" but the graphical interface of Ubuntu does not display; I have the following message: " starting up of the graphical interface failed ". Besides, I tried to create ESET SysRescue on an USB key of 16 Go but as one already indicated by the other users on this forum, the procedure fails. I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bits version 1511 installed(settled) on a hard disk SSHD. I hope that ESET can propose us a solution quickly. Best Regards, Sicilia42
  8. Hello, Did you verify that the firewall of Windows 10 was deactivated well after the installation of ESET? Best Regards, Sicilia42
  9. Hello, I solved the problem by making Eest Smart Security's repair since the Configuration panel. I have the download since Windows Store make a test after the repair and it works perfectly. Best Regards, Sicilia42
  10. Hello, I have just made a test after the Eset Smart Security's last update (update 13223) and apparently, everything seems to be back to normal again. I was too optimistic because I have just noticed that the problem is present regrettably always. Thank you. Sicilia42
  11. Good evening, I have exactly the same problem and the solution proposed by Marcos does not solve the problem. Best Regards, Sicilia42
  12. Hello, My name is Sicilia42 and I am French. I among others studied in computing (reassurance of networks; programming, etc.) and in right. I like the computing generally, the reading and the writing. I use Eset Smart Security 9 since last November Best regards Sicilia42
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