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  1. Well, I tried another security product for 30 days. It sucked. The problem appears to be fixed with Smart Security. So thanks.
  2. I've been using ESET for years. Switched countless friends, family and co-workers over to ESET. None of the fixes above worked for me and frankly I shouldn't have to do a workaround with ESET to get the Windows Store to function properly. I switched over to another anti-virus's 30 day trial. Hopefully, you can get it fixed in the next 30 days. This other anti-virus is not blocking the Windows Store at all. So this is not a Windows 10 issue. This is not a Surface Book issue. This is an ESET issue. Fix it.
  3. I can still reproduce the issue even after turning SSL on and off. It will download a little of an app each time I restart it after it errors out. It will say something like 3.4MB of 6.2MB. But most get stuck on 0.1MB of 0.1MB. Also, I tried again uninstalling ESET and once again the Windows Store worked flawlessly. I installed ESET again. And the issue returned. It's weird that it only happens on the Surface Book. And it also happens on my wife's Surface Book. Same behavior. Same error. So it's not just mine. I cannot reproduce this error on my Ethernet connected desktop running Windows 10 so it looks like it is unique to the Surface Book. This error also occurs when I connect my Book up to the wifi hotspot on my LTE Android phone. So it doesn't look like my wifi network is the issue. This is a serious issue considering none of my apps including core ones like Mail can be updated. And you will never notice unless you actively use the Windows Store. My wife hadn't noticed until I checked it this morning to see if her Surface is working the same way.
  4. I reset my Surface Book (again) because none of the apps would update through the Windows 10 Store and none of the workarounds I could find on any forums worked. Everything started working again. All of my apps updated. I thought I had it fixed. Installed the latest version of ESET Smart Security. None of my apps would install again. And I got the exact same error as before. 0x80072EFE. As soon as I clicked uninstall ESET Smart Security and it set it was shutting down the service, all of my apps started downloading and installing. I reinstalled ESET Smart Security. And I am getting the error again. Not one of my apps can be updated nor can anything be installed. Again, I get error 0x80072EFE. I bet that if I uninstall ESET again, everything will work again. So what am I supposed to do? Turning off the firewall and even turning off protection do not fix the problem. I literally have to uninstall ESET anytime I want to update or download an app from the Windows Store. This only recently started happening sometime this month. Any ideas?
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