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  1. Is it maybe related to the fact your on the EDU version? Might be different to the general version That seems very unlikely to me. I had Win10 Pro before, and then upgraded to the EDU through a dreamspark ISO. From what I can tell, there shouldnt be any changes to the network adapters or filters between the two The issue persisted through the upgrade. @Marcos, how would I go about disabling the lightweight filter in LAN Settings?
  2. No go for me, infact is broke even more. :S I sent you my config @Marcos Are you using Windows 10? And if so if it the final release aka RTM version Yep, Windows 10. Its the EDU version (enterprise without long term servicing branch).
  3. If this hasn't been resolved internally yet, @marcos please check your PM its still not shown as read. The problem is making ti so no application based firewall works. Luckily I have an advanced hardware firewall between my WAN and LAN but this is still an issue for outgoing connections. Windows Firewall will not register even with ESET firewall disabled.
  4. No go for me, infact is broke even more. :S I sent you my config @Marcos
  5. My mom's computer the firewall works fine, mine however I get the same error as OP. It's on a clean install of RTM as well.
  6. There is an official tool released by Microsoft that allows you to hide updates from Windows update. I don't have a link at the moment, sorry.
  7. This issue has resolved itself for me. It appeared to be an issue with the micrsoft servers as games couldn't connect to live and news couldn't load. It has resolved itself sometime in the last hour with no changes to ESET. Check yours again?
  8. Same to me, v 9.0.111 Hopefully this DDL is allowed (ESS9 x64): hxxp://download.eset.com/special/ess-beta/ess_nt64_ENU.exe
  9. Installed, activated, and updated signatures successfully. New beta build looks good for me. Thanks! Really liking the new GUI. It's been about 6 years and I think I was on ESET SS4, Quite the difference!
  10. Did you upgrade to build 10240 from an older build of Windows 10 where v9 was already installed and activated? This was installed fresh on the 10240 build. I saw some posts in post that said that a patch is expected within a few days for fresh installs so hopefully all is well then.
  11. I had to do a system restore on Windows 10 build 10240 because I lost internet access. It appears that the firewall module overrode the Ethernet adapter and disabled it. After running the uninstaller in safe mode and restarting it showed that the network adapter were corrupt. I hope for the module patch soon. Thanks
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