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  1. MS just posted Build 14959, I'll give that a try shortly...its downloading now. Post Install: I'm noticing some issues but they may be related to MS rather than ESS. ESS does seem to need a lot rule setups; I tried to disable SSL and HIPS, rebooted but still had problems. Removed ESS and system is running better again. I think it probably just needs something setup that I'm missing - and that's half the problem. I'm knowledgeable but not an ESS expert. I'll try again over the next few days.
  2. I appreciate the feedback but I'm not sure where SSL protocol scanning is in ESS. I've invested a whole bunch of (wasted) time at this point and will not be re-installing ESS until the next Win 10 build is released. I've also had slow/hung WIn 10 updates due to MS Server issues - I know what that looks like and this isn't it. The updates immediately worked once I completely uninstalled ESS (like within a 10 minute period and after 3 days of trying with ESS still installed).
  3. Preface: I realize this is a Windows 10 Fast-Ring pre-release build. IMO, the issue should be identified and resolved nonetheless. After having ESS working reliably on Windows 10 for a good long while, I began experiencing issues getting Windows Updates. The issue exhibits when beginning some download (for example, a Windows Update download), and it will go to some seemingly random % completion and then just hang. In other cases, it appears to complete the download, but the file will be corrupted. I cleared caches, and followed Microsoft's suggested troubleshooting steps but nothing would clear the issue with Windows Update. It didn't even occur to me that ESS could be the issue until I was updating another product and the while the download appeared to work, the installation kept failing due to corruption of the downloaded file. While troubleshooting, I turned of all protection and tested, but the issue remained. Finally, in desperation, I completely uninstalled ESS and everything started to magically work again. I'm guessing its HIPS related but I'm not totally sure. I tried it also with WIn 10 Build 14951 and today with Build14955. The same issue occurs in each of these Fast Ring versions. I also attempted to use Interactive and Smart detection modes, but even though I received the pop-up and told it to create a permanent rule, the issue still occurs. Only a full uninstall will work-around the issue. Would love to be able to reinstall and upgrade to V10 if anyone has a way to resolve this.
  4. I just experienced this issue with Windows 10 Build 14376. ESS had run fine under various Windows 10 builds prior to this one. Following the steps in Post #8 resolved the issue (as expected). Glad to see a different approach in ESS10.
  5. Sent you a PM - my log files (zipped) are larger than the allowed uploads - do you have an alternative way to get them to you?
  6. Yes, I'm on this site with https. The Internet Protection module is version: 1226.21 (20160329)
  7. On 3/26/2016 my MS Outlook stopped being able to connect to its servers, completely blocking me from receiving any emails. Adobe Cloud services websites are also blocked. If I Disable the Eset firewall it all works again. I tried adding adobe.com to the exclusion list but that didn't work, and Outlook doesn't connect to a website so I'm not sure what to white-list there either. No problems were occurring prior to the update. The modules that Eset says were changed are: - Rapid Response Module 7727 (20160326) - Advanced Antispam module 3443 (20160326)
  8. I uninstalled from Win 10 Build 10159 and did not have this issue (though the firewall now fails due to a windows integration issue).
  9. SS Beta appears to be broken with the latest Windows 10 Preview Build 10159. Worked under build 10130. The Firewall will not start due to an integration issue. Reinstallaing does not fix the issue.
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