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  1. Hello, When I visualized spread of viruses under ERA v5 I had sql queries, which generate inputs for Gephi (gephi org). First input are NODES: SELECT * FROM ( SELECT Virus AS Label, Virus AS Id, COUNT(*) AS Weight, "Virus" AS Target FROM threatlog WHERE NOT Virus='' GROUP BY Virus UNION SELECT ComputerName AS Label, ComputerName AS Id, COUNT(*) AS Weight, "PC" AS Target FROM threatlog LEFT JOIN client ON (threatlog.ClientID=client.ID) GROUP BY ComputerName ) AS Table Second input is EDGE: SELECT Virus AS Source, ComputerName AS Target, COUNT(*) AS Weight FROM threatlog LEFT JOIN client ON (threatlog.ClientID=client.ID) WHERE NOT Virus='' GROUP BY Virus, ComputerName In Web Console ERA v6.4 I have a problem create reports for input to Gephi. Could you please help me with this problem? Thanks
  2. Sorry for my question, but how can I upgrade Configuration module to fixed module version?
  3. Hi, I have a question about "Request configuration" task from context menu on the client. I have a static group and under this group are some dynamic groups. Dynamic and static group have a different policy. For example on dynamic group I have a policy for Web access protection where I have own list of URLs which are blocked. When I run Request configuration and task finished I cannot see my own list of blocked URLs. I try to look for configuration on the client and there is my own list. How can I get final configuration on the client? I have ERA v6.4 and Endpoint product v6.4. Thank for your answer.
  4. Hi, I am interesting for these new features, which are new in ESET Smart Security 10: - Webcam Protection - Script-Based Attack Protection - Banking & Payment Protection Do you plan to add these options to the new version of ESET Endpoint products? Thank for your answer.
  5. Hello, Is there any way how to move clients from group "Lost & found" to another static group by task? I know that, there is a server task "Static Group Synchronization", which have a 3 Synchronization modes. But I would like to create task, that move clients by another way, for example by computer name pattern. Thank for your help
  6. Hi, I have a problem with predefined settings (XML) for ESET Endpoint Antivirus for all local accounts in Windows 10. After I import settings (under admin account) to EEA and logon as normal account I found some settings, which are not applicated from XML. For example, I disabled 'Display notifications on desktop' and under noraml account this setting is enabled. This computer is without installed ESET Remote Administrator Agent. Is there any way how to import settings, which are for all local accounts? Thanks
  7. Thanks for quick reply, Your understanding is correct. And one more question, if this type of logging is planing in roadmap?
  8. Hello, I have a rules for ESET Personal Firewall, which log all blocked communications defined by rule. I can see logs in ESET Endpoint Security - Tools - Personal Firewall, but I cannot see them in WebConsole - Threats. I try to create report for Personal Firewall Events with trigger for running every 5 minutes. This Report give me only records like 'Detected Port Scanning attack', but not records where rules for Personal Firewall block unwanted communication. Is there any way how to get events which have information in WebConsole about blocked communication by ESET Personal Firewall? Thank for your help
  9. Thanks for reply, and is there any way how I unlock settings, which are defined by policy?
  10. Hi, I would like to know if I can restore default settings (with unlock settings) on client with installed ESET Endpoint Security v6 and managed by ERA v6.3? I have a client, which is in dynamic group and this group have assign policies. I want move this client to static group, where isn't defined any policy. And restore default settings on client with unlocked settings, which are defined by policy when client was in dynamic group. Can I create client task, which start when client will moved to static group. Thanks
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