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    Protopia gave kudos to Beppe75 in Windows 10 Update Errors with ESET   
    I found the solution: I reactivated "https scanner" and in the SSL filtering rules I set the service "svchost.exe" on automatically (before it was on control), problem solved both with windows update and with the Microsoft app store
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    Protopia received kudos from SlashRose in Event 5038   
    AFAIK, the eset files are not corrupted - I believe that the issue here is that ESET has updated them but not updated the security hashes.
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    Protopia gave kudos to Marcos in Updated programs - Keep Rules   
    We are aware of the problem with Windows applications and the changing path with each update. There is a plan to come with up a solution to this in long term. Also I can assure you that we value any constructive feedback or suggestion and it's discussed with product managers and developers.
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    Protopia gave kudos to AGH1965 in EIS firewall's interactive mode and Windows 10 apps   
    Until recently I used EIS and ESS in Windows 7 with the firewall's interactive mode activated. That way I can control which applications on my computer can access the internet and which can't. Once this approach made me detect a virus even before ESS recongized it.
    Recently I switched to Windows 10 and I continued using EIS firewall's interactive mode as I did before. Unfortunately the Windows apps that are located in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps keep moving to different subfolders when they are updated. This means that I have to continue adding new firewall rules for the same apps over and over again. This makes using EIS firewall's interactive mode quite annoying.
    Is there a solution for this that I'm not aware of?
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    Protopia gave kudos to W_K in enable in & out connections for application with dynamically changing path (wildcard support for firewall rules)   
    Hello everybody,
    as the topic title says I have the following problem:
    I use Opera as my main browser and have the firewall set to interactive mode (which I won't change)
    Unfortunately, Opera changes the path containing the executable dynamically with every update.
    example folder structure:
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_autoupdate.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_crashreporter.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_autoupdate.exe
    c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_crashreporter.exe
    Now I have to allow connections every time Opera is updated.
    I thought of using something like c:\Program Files\Opera\*\opera.exe, but that doesn't work with firewall rules.
    Any ideas or solutions?
    Many thanks in advance
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