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  1. as I have already written the problem is related to SSL filtering of the "svchost" service, I have also replicated the problem on Windows 10 pro ver 1903 after updating ESET IS to version 13.1.21, windows update and the store have stopped working I wrote the solution
  2. I found the solution: I reactivated "https scanner" and in the SSL filtering rules I set the service "svchost.exe" on automatically (before it was on control), problem solved both with windows update and with the Microsoft app store
  3. I try, as soon as I reactivate "https scanner" the error occurs both in the check of windows updates and in the installation of apps from the microsoft store
  4. same error occured after last ESET update, I've disabled "https scanner" in web protocol advanced menù to solve the issue Win 10 Pro Ver 1909 OS ESET Internet Security V13.
  5. Win 10 Pro Italian + Eset Smart Security 8.0.319 --> same problem !!! I'm forced to restore acronis image of the OS hdd whenever randomly occurs
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