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  1. We've trusted ESET for years and have just renewed our AV licenses for another year. This may seem like a "niggle", after all, it's not causing an OS crash, but it's the type of niggle that would cost us many hours of frontline support trying to fix. Come on ESET, where's the official response and fix on this? I'm the thread's starter and I solved my problem with the string manual correction and the first update from 1111 to 1112 cleaner in Eset. I must say how much I am disappointed by the behavior of Eset. I open the ticket even before I open this post, on 16 September. The next day I received confirmation with an automated email. I received a new email on 21 September After that email, nothing but silence. I never received any response, any help to solve the case or any explanation. Nor anything that had managed to get here on the forum. Not even anything about what we had managed to find here on the forum. Eset could not know that I had been able to find help here, but since then I have not received any answer or help. From September 16 to October 3 today: nothing. After 15 years I am really very disappointed. That's all.
  2. Without any manual update (only the automatic one) mine is already v 1113 and no problem at all till now Thanks
  3. OK, it seems to be solved now following the instruction. For me the only problem was on Folder viewing but it's really the end of a nightmare! Hoping Eset or Microsoft give an automatic fix for all people. Not everyone is able to take ownership of registry key and change string. Even open regedit is for most people something horrible When I opened this thread I was hoping for a quick response from Eset, but, in the end, it was the collaboration among users to give a solution. From Eset Customer care I did not have any answers yet after eight days although I send them all what they had asked for. So, thanks to all the users!!
  4. @ Marcos I did all the update and restarted 2 time. Nothing change here: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{42aedc87-2188-41fd-b9a3-0c966feabec1}\InProcServer32\ the default value is still %SystemRoot%\SysWow64\shell32.dll
  5. Can you be more clear please? In Windows 10 home edition I don't see any way to switch in pre-release or to control how the update are installed. For the Cleaner module, mine is 1110 (20150806). Well, it's OK now. But, you have to be more specific on update: You are speaking about ESET update and not Windows update Anyway I did the change and now I'm waiting.
  6. Well, I beleive that's my case. I can't remeber any alerts, at least just before the issue. And I am pretty sure there had been alerts long before that, but they weren't causing any trouble. Still, I may be mistaken, cause almost a week has passed. Have you checked the logs of Eset? Because I had not even received the alarm, but I've found it checking the Eset log file: there was a detection from scanner "Real-time file system protection" there, but I didn't receive any alarm.
  7. I have not received any update with that signature, but my problem started the day 16 and on the same day ESS has quarantined a trojan. This is the only operation by ESS in 22 days since I installed Win 10.
  8. You are right. I didn't mention because I don't have any desktop icon using Rainmeter. But yes, it's the same problem
  9. No, already tried.... No way. With system restore, restoring OS before the problem, it's OK until Eset gives a new warning or quarantined a virus. Same with a Windows refresh: I did all this different solution, but still with the problem.
  10. I'm still searching for a solution and the only thing I can say is that it seems that only Windows 10 in English is affected by this problem. I cannot find any French or Italian forum with people speaking about this. As Brehon wrote, we are discussing for this problem in Tenforum: HERE and HERE. Personally, I'm not sure about an interaction between Eset and Win 10, but it seems that almost all those who have this problem use Eset Smart Security. I wrote to Customer Care opening a ticket and I'm waiting for an answer. It should be a good choice if all of you does the same thing.
  11. I'm really desperate now! My folder view settings are not being saved (change folder preference to thumbnail view -> close window -> reopen same folder but always displays in details mode). This happens on a Windows 10 newly installed, perfectly working till I install Eset Smart Security (version 8.0.319.0). Along with many other people we have noticed that the problem occurs only after installing Eset and we are discussing on this issue in different Windows forums since 3 weeks. We have already tried Windows reset, Windows restore, format and new install: every time the problem reappears when we install Eset Smart Security. For someone after a virus alert, for me no virus alert: everything is working fine and suddenly no way to have my folder setting working. I've searched a lot over internet and found related things like "Apply to folders" in folders options, Bags reset, scancfg, Zeroaccess rootkit and etc but nothing helped. And after days of searching really a lot of people have noticed that the problem is created after installed Eset and after the program warns to have blocked a potential risk (in my case it was just a webpage). Anyone here with the same problem? Thanks to everyone for any help. PS I'm trying to post this problem in the "Contact support" but no way to have it sent: when I click "Send email to Eset support" a wheel start running and after minutes is still there but the request is not sent!!!
  12. Hi there, I've installed on Sunday (from scratch) Win 10 and for 2 days no problem at all. This morning finally I installed Eset Smart Security Version 8.0.319.0 on my PC with Windows 10 Home (64-bit). And since that moment I cannot open IE without having Script Error. I'm pretty sure that the problem is on Smart Security because after a couple of hour in search, I tried to disable it for 10 minute and IE doesn't give any error. When Eset is running again error on script. And only in IE (I've tried with a portable version of Chrome and no problem, just fine). What's the problem? Please give me a solution. Thanks in advance Here some screenshot for the Script error in different webpages.
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