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  1. Hello everybody, as the topic title says I have the following problem: I use Opera as my main browser and have the firewall set to interactive mode (which I won't change) Unfortunately, Opera changes the path containing the executable dynamically with every update. example folder structure: c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_autoupdate.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_crashreporter.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_autoupdate.exe c:\Program Files\
  2. Hello, I would like to know which windows processes and their ports are secure. Today I opened the Zone & Rule Editor and there were way too many entries, some programs that are no longer installed, duplicates, etc. So I cleaned up the list and set up Zones and Rules for my browsers, mail client and various programs. My firewall is in interactive mode, thus ESS reports any new/unknown communication. So far the only process I have been asked for while browsing is SVCHOST Since this is a very generic service that includes many processes and protocols I don't exactly know to dea
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