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  1. Hello everybody, as the topic title says I have the following problem: I use Opera as my main browser and have the firewall set to interactive mode (which I won't change) Unfortunately, Opera changes the path containing the executable dynamically with every update. example folder structure: c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_autoupdate.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.72\opera_crashreporter.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_autoupdate.exe c:\Program Files\Opera\65.0.3467.78\opera_crashreporter.exe Now I have to allow connections every time Opera is updated. I thought of using something like c:\Program Files\Opera\*\opera.exe, but that doesn't work with firewall rules. Any ideas or solutions? Many thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I would like to know which windows processes and their ports are secure. Today I opened the Zone & Rule Editor and there were way too many entries, some programs that are no longer installed, duplicates, etc. So I cleaned up the list and set up Zones and Rules for my browsers, mail client and various programs. My firewall is in interactive mode, thus ESS reports any new/unknown communication. So far the only process I have been asked for while browsing is SVCHOST Since this is a very generic service that includes many processes and protocols I don't exactly know to deal with it. Many users in other forums wrote that this process should be given full permission on anything. I am not sure about that, so this is how I set it up: Application: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (Host Process for Windows Services) Allow: Out TCP&UDP Local Ports: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPs) Now my questions: 1. how should I set up the rule for svchost.exe 2. what other processes are safe to allow and how should they be set up (direction, ports, etc.) Thank you in advance kind regards Pete
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