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  1. I would like to see the ability to exclude a particular file type from a particular URL. For example, I often log into the cPanel of a website I maintain and download backups of the site. The files are all .tar.gz, If I connect using a web browser, the download times out and is corrupted. If I connect by SFTP, I can set ESS to not scan the ssl protocol and the download completes with no issues. Downloading by https is not an option. The domain is a very active email server address, so excluding the entire URL would also exclude mail from the address, not a viable option, either. There is always the possibility of malware being injected into the site, so I wouldn't want to lose that protection, either, I just want to exclude a meg+ .tar.gz from being scanned from a particular URL. Come to think about it, the file type is not something that you would ever encounter in 'normal' web pages. It would probably work to just exclude the file type.
  2. Thanks Janus. I had not seen that before. Judging by the comments, a lot of people were/are disappointed that it is not anti-malware. I imagine that Apple is far less than supportive of any anti-malware since that could be viewed as an admission that it might be needed. Bye bye credibility of a major selling point if word got around that even Apple products need anti-malware. <sigh>
  3. Description: iOS support. Detail: I've finally joined the iPhone crowd but I'm dismayed at the lack of anti-malware available. I don't believe the traditional hype that Apple is somehow immune to malware. I would jump at the chance to secure our phones as well as our desktops and laptops.
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