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  1. and quoting still doesn't work unless of course you 'toggle off'
  2. me again the mod on another forum [on which I was having ctrl+arrow issues] suggested that I add that forum's website to ie11's compatibility view settings. so, I did that and guess what? ctrl+arrow functionality restored [on that forum at least] so I added eset.com to ie11's compatibility view settings to see whether that corrected the functionality issues on this forum and guess what? ctrl+arrow functionality restored! fantastic! I still can't add a link tho! and for copy and paste functionality, it's back to toggling the switch because ctrl+X/V fail and in the absence of those, I can't tell whether C works but one thing's for certain, the icon options on the toolbar certainly fail but ctrl+Z/Y both work. so, for ie11 users to restore at least ctrl+arrow function, click the tools cog at the top right corner of your browser, select 'compatibility view settings' and on the dialog that opens, eset.com should automatically display in the 'add this website' field [if not, type it in], click 'add' and once you click close, the page will automatically refresh [give it a few seconds]. *** it seems however that the ctrl+arrow function fails after all that toggling! anyhoo... interesting fact: ctrl+UP/DOWN now only operates properly from where I've marked *** ok, so for these purposes, I 'toggled off' and then 'toggled on' to see whether that is the cause. >>> yes! toggling causes the ctrl+UP/DOWN function to fail and now only operates properly from where I've marked >>> curious
  3. despite all my efforts not everything works as expected --- this is truly a trying time...
  4. Reiterating this because I came across the same issue several weeks ago: If you're experiencing issues posting on this forum and you're using ie11 and want to continue using ie11 [as opposed to firefox or chrome] and with much thanks to TomFace for this workaround, toggling the switch in the top left corner of the forum's reply toolbar [disabling all other reply toolbar functionality], enables the poster using ie11 to at least quote and multiquote when posting. word wrap in this mode will take you WAY BACK to the days of DOS! with thanks to siljaline, i used BBCode to add emphasis to this post: ctrl+UP/DOWN however is a MAJOR PITA and I'm off to check out whether THAT is an issue using chrome --- bbs
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