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  1. Sorry, the pictures are out of sequence ; I hope you're able to make sense of them. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello I accepted the updated install of and since then, the context menu in Outlook 2010 has been missing. Under Outlook > Options > Add-ins, the add-in eplgoutlook.dll is listed under "Disabled Application Add-ins". Please now see attached pictures.
  3. Right then. With all the online scams, I am concerned that these emails might not be legitimate and I thought I'd come to the right place to get advice considering that it's part of ESET's product. Can someone at least let me know whether I should ignore the damn things! Thanks, FWIW
  4. Hello, long time no talk Is this a legit email from ESET? Should I click on the link 'View threats'? I've been receiving a few lately after AGES of receiving no alerts at all! I hope someone is able to advise as to what I should do. Ta much
  5. hello eset heads last version, whenever my computer ran a scan, there was a page and i could see what was being scanned and when! now there isn't any page and so i have no idea what's being scanned or when! i am very confused because it was not necessary to change that facility! please can you fix it? tia
  6. ahhh itman, i've been using grc.com for years and only just the other day did i do a stealth report and found 4 'closed' with the rest stealth. what a pretty green stealth is. you get kudos for bringing it up looking at grc.com again, i've realised while performing some tests that the alert [as above] is grc's ping! anyhoo, does anyone know how to stealth those 4 ports? they are 25 [smpt], 80 [http], 137 [netbios-ns] and 138 [netbios-dgm] i'm still on grc.com to see whether there's any suggestions or recommendations of how to stealth those 4 ports but if some already knows, please, let me know. ta much
  7. hi ken and thanks. my windows firewall settings are managed by eset but i'm not behind a router so i appreciate that eset is doing its job. i plugged in to my firefox the 80... source and it came up with a page informing 'proxy scanning in progress' under the banner of NSA (Network Security Alliance). that's some freaky site for sure and i reckon anyone taking a look at that page and if it is dangerous, i'd conclude that many might fall for it! when i plugged in to firefox the other two source numbers their respective pages failed to load and so i am still none the wiser as to what they are or to what they relate. i do recall a number of years of years ago tho and possibly between v.4 and v.5, that i would often receive alerts of some kind and that i needed to tick some box or other in advanced settings, under ssl or hips maybe?!?! i don't recall but i was satisfied that eset was doing its job and so ticking that box merely stopped the alerts popping up all the time. if you or anyone else can help me out with that, i'd be grateful. i don't like this option of 'keep blocking' / 'stop blocking' because i have no freakin clue as to what it all means nor to what these damned numbers refer.
  8. i've just received another alert. this is a new source though: i've been getting alerts all night regarding source 69..., i've been working on word and pdf documents. my email account isn't open but i do have a tab or two open in firefox. can anyone tell me something about what this all means. tia
  9. hello, i'm experiencing similar things and i wonder if this too is what i need to do to figure out why it's happening. here are two of the alerts i've received, the 2nd of which i've received more often today while i've been online: ; ; the top pic is from several days ago and because it indicates that it's listed as source, i clicked 'stop blocking'. that statement in the dialog may be quite ambiguous because it is listed as a source and so to me indicating no threat. the 2nd pic is the first part of the alert i started receiving today, clicking 'more options and information' brings up the 3rd pic. i searched this forum, i searched the knowledgebase and i even searched the web to inform myself as to how i determine the source numbers of my connected devices, but i'm absolutely mystified because not even ESET in their knowledgebase articles describes any of this behaviour, potential or otherwise. nothing is so clean cut and for a novice geek like myself that uses her computer to do all manner of things just wants to know she's safe doing all manner of things and to not have to worry about or concern herself unnecessarily with these alerts that keep popping up that provide ambiguous or information that gets the user nowhere and then for ESET to not even have an article based on or around an explanation for such things is very troubling for me. anyhoo, please let me know marcos or rugk or anyone, whether this is the same or even a similar thing and that i too should be doing what the OP is doing to determine what it is that's going on. ta much
  10. hello again rugk. yes, the downloader is a stand alone and yes, i am now saying that it's not an ESS issue but a browser [chrome and firefox] issue because it works properly in IE. thanks for sticking around too
  11. hello tom thanks for the g'day! as for my current issue, I'm putting it down to a [firefox and chrome] browser thing because it fails to work on either of those but it works as it should on ie11.
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